Cloudy Smelly Urine

Is your urine murky, cloudy, muddy, rusty or turbid in color and may have a bas, foul and unpleasant smell? Then you have cloudy smelly urine. Sometimes these occurrences indicate the bladder or urinary tract infection. Some symptoms are also urination burns and you feel an uncomfortable pressure down there.  If you have these symptoms, you need to have a urine test done. Urine test will figure out the nature of your bacterial infection.  Normal urine has a straw-yellow color and it is clear. Urine test will also expose which antibiotic is best for your body and will destroy bacteria’s that are causing your painful, burning urination and cloudy smelly urine.

Treating Cloudy Smelly Urine

How to treat it? These infections are treated with antibacterial drugs. The best way is see a doctor for antibiotics and testing. Drink cranberry juice or water to help cleanse the urinary tract. Avoid consuming alcohol, spicy foods and coffee. We have some few ways how you can avoid bladder or urinary tract infections:

–          do not use tub baths, shower instead

–          do not avoid the need to urinate

–          every day drink plenty of water

–          drink cranberry juice

–          regularly clean your genital area

–          avoid using scented douches and hygiene sprays

If you have cloudy smelly urine, then you could have a serious illness or an infection. Soft drinks and beverages will cause irritation to the urinary tract, so try to consume more fruit juices and water. Urine might have a stronger ammonia scent than normal, with dehydration. Because of that, it is important do drink plenty of water. Taking some medications and eating or drinking some of specific foods may change the smell of urine. Other causes of smelly urine are: medications, cystitis, liver failure, urethritis, dietary factors and rectal fistula. Some diseases that can change the urine color into cloudy, blood-colored or dark are: hepatits, alport syndrome, prostate cancer, acute cystitis, endrocarditis…

Cloudy Smelly Urine Signs

Cloudy urine is a sign of a urinary tract infection. It can also cause a bad odor. Cloudy smelly urine may also be caused by crystals, bacteria, mucus in the urine and fat. Cloudy urine can also appear if you drink a lot of milk and after eating a large meal. In most cases, cloudy urine is totally ordinary.

If you are not drinking enough water every day, throughout the day, your body system is not properly hydrated and the symptoms often include dark urine color, urinary burning and cloudy smelly urine. Remember, some drinks do not count for hydration, such as coffee, juices, energy drinks, tea, soft drinks and sodas. The best way to have normal urine is to only drink clean water every day.  If you are worried and if you think you might have these problems then do not wait and see your doctor. Do not be embarrassed! As you can read, if your urine is cloudy and smell it could be a urinary infection. The best advice is to see a doctor!